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Hey Girls,

Thought i would share an amazing shoe site with you lot which i find amazing! And basically too good not to share! Also its as cheap as! And your first pair purchased is half price! What more could a girl want…???

Weird Day

Such a long shit weird day today at work.

Basically I was moved away from my team a few months back to work and do a project on my own. I sat in a room with people obviously higher up then me, it was hard at first without my team and getting used to what the other people were like but eventually through everything I was actually settling in and really liking my new spot. I had hope that I was moving up.

Until today.

My team was moving up to the room I was sitting… yeahhhhh!!!! …. NO!

I was then moved out the room to a little corner at the end of the office on a slope. So once again away from my team and on my own. This time really on my own though. And the slope will so affect my hips, sitting there 8 hours a day my right side sitting higher then my left 😦

So really unhappy.

Whats a girl to do…Forever alone.

Life. Me


Forever Alone.

Lately been feeling really fed up, and I know writing it down helps so thought it would make me believe in hope again. Or something….

Do you ever look at whats going on around you and feel like everything doesn’t stop but you do. When you look around you realize a lot. When I am with my family they all have their own lives and ways to go. When I’m out with my friends they are falling in love, laughing and joking, living life. When I’m even at work I see the passion and looks in their faces for what they do and when they talk about things they care about…like some getting married, some moving up in the company. Its inspiring.

Then I look down at my feet in these moments. Where am I? Who am I?

I don’t have a way to go yet, I don’t have someone to fall in love with and live life, I don’t have that passion in my eyes about work or the feeling I’m going somewhere. Its upsetting and depressing.

When your so down at this point, there is movies and food. Locking myself away from the world for a few days. This just makes me cry at sad movies and want the love in the movies or for at least someone to care. So when your past that point what then? The change around… Change my attitude focus on things to make me feel better about myself. Diet, get stuck in at work, go out with friends. The circle starts again. I’m looking around at peoples lives and mine isn’t so great and isn’t changing anytime soon no matter what i do.


That hope then  disappears no matter what you did to keep it.

Maybe I could get it back by moving away, starting again.

Doubt it right?

Then what else is there but thinking your going to forever be alone and the odd one out.


Just got to get on with things I guess…

Smile even though your breaking. No one will know.



Been a While…

I have been gone for a while but now I’m back.

Didn’t mean to neglect blogging as it helps me through the hard times, so it should with the happy and busy times too.

It was a hectic month last month and I know saying there was just not enough time isn’t a good enough reason but there really wasn’t.

Being the New Year and all that I don’t want to bore you with New Year new me cause in all honesty what is gunna change in a day ay. But since the last blog I have been trying to be more positive. Being the festive time it didn’t at all help my diet! I ate like a pig and put on about a stone I’m sure! So today the diet is back on! And defo motivated to get healthy again. Never thought I would say I can’t wait for the gym haha.

With work it’s also first day back. Depressing as hell but hey hoe I have to live with it (for now). I have been moved away from my team and now sit on my own and manage a project on my own. I mean I hate that it’s even more lonely and boring on my own but I guess it’s a compliment that I got offered to do this and they have confidence in me. That’s me trying to be more positive ha see its working 🙂

Relationship status is still alone. Except I have been seeing my Ex for a while and it was friends with benefits but I think I took it too far as now he wants to get back together. I mean I have been nothing but honest with him and said we are never getting back together etc. but he obviously didn’t get the hint. It’s hard because he is good friends with my family so is always at family parties! Not cool. Impossible to move on and it’s a bummer.

So this year of 2013: get fit, new job, relationship status change? Or at least someone I like to chill with. And most of all be happy!

Demi Leigh xx


But even in her laughter you could tell something was missing. She never really seemed to be truly happy; she just seemed to be passing time until she waited for something else. She was tired of just existing, she wanted to live.

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