21 Questions..


How old are you? 26

Do you have a job? Yes, I work for a software company called Mercato Solutions in Birmingham.

What do you do in your spare time? Binge on TV series’, socialising and shopping.

What was your favourite subject at school? Drama, cooking & textiles. Anything that was more hands on really.

What is your favourite food?  Everything unhealthy that I shouldn’t have generally, pizza, pasta, cake, cookie dough . . . I do love fruit too though!

What is the last thing you bought? A green and white stripped wide open neck shirt from Zara:

Favourite book of all time? I would have to say the first ever book that made me fall in love with reading..A boy called it.

Favourite Colour? Green, but like the mint pastel green.

Do you have any pets? Yes, a blue staff called Skye.

Favourite Perfume? At the moment YSL Black Opium but my all time favourite which I have loved forever Juicy Couture for women, which I’m sure you can’t get anymore :'(:


Favourite Holiday? Just one with great company, sun, and many great activities. I like visiting places that have memorable things to do, things that are on your bucket list kinda things.

Have you ever been out of the country, if so how many times?  Yes, I go on holiday normally around 2-3 times a year. Until this year that is. 😥 Saving for a house which means sacrifices. Hopefully once we have a home we can treat ourselves to a luxury holiday.

Do you speak any other language? No, which is a shame cause I would like to, I just sound ridiculous.

How many siblings do you have? 2, one older brother, one younger sister. Middle child.

What is your favourite shop? There’s so many I love but it will have to be Zara & Asos.

Favourite restaurant? Miller and Carter. My Boyfriend and I love steak and it is one of our favourite meals. They just do it amazingly every time.

Favourite Blog? Sarah Ashcroft & Imogen Hudson. Also like In the Frow.

Most used social media? Instagram

Favourite TV show? Love Island, guilty pleasure. And basically anything alike. I do binge on TV series though and would have to say The Vampire Diaries & Sons of Anarchy are up there with the best.

How tall are you? 5ft 6

Can you cook? Yes, I just never really have too *Covers eyes*.


MANGO, Womenswear.


I have found a love again for Mango & I felt the need to write a post about it because you don’t see many fashion bloggers mention mango. I think they are superbly priced and great quality. Just think they need a bit more recognition. Check out their new in http://shop.mango.com/GB/woman/new-now

Tinea Versicolor

So since I was around 20 I have suffered from a apparently common skin condition called Tinea Versicolor or some call it Pityriasis Vericolor. It is basically discolouration in the skin. It can be lighter circles, darker circles or even red circles.

Image result for tinea versicolorImage result for tinea versicolor

The areas this skin condition affects are normally back, belly, chest and neck. I can sometimes get it on the top of my arms too. Since having this condition it has really knocked me. On holiday I obviously don’t want to get into a bikini. In the summer it gets as bad as I don’t want to wear a vest top. Since suffering with this condition, I have been to see GPs a number of times as they first prescribed me an anti dandruff shampoo called Selsun, apparently there was an ingredient in this which helps kill the fungal. When I used this previously it worked and was fine as I only ever suffered with small areas. When it appeared to get worse and the Selsun wasn’t helping no more I returned to the GP. They then decided to prescribe me with a different anti dandruff shampoo called Nizoral. I was a bit disappointed by this as at this point the condition was at its worse. It was in every area possible and made me feel disgusting. But living in hope something will help I tried this new shampoo. I used it as instructed and after the first day I seemed to have a reaction. My neck and chest area (on full view to people) turn all red, itchy and inflamed. So again I immediately returned to the GP. To my surprise I basically got dismissed. She gave me some strong antihistamine to help with the itching and redness and told me to carry on using the newly prescribed shampoo :|. I could not believe it as on the bottle where is has warnings it stated that stop using it and call your doctor if you suffer from basically any of the symptoms I was suffering with. As each day went on the rash got worse. I was wearing jumpers and polos to hide it, but people could still see and still questioned what it was :'(. I had never felt so insecure and down about this skin condition since I’ve had it. I decided not to carry on using the thing that was making it worse and flaring it up, so I went against what the GP advised. I decided it was time to take it into my own hands. I couldn’t let something that got me so down defeat me. I needed to get rid of it. So I did some research and found a product called ‘haole rot spray’:

Haole Rot Spray, Tinea Versicolor Treatment, Natural Tinea Versicolor Remedy, Home pityriasis versicolor remedy, pityriasis versicolor cure

I done my research on this product and found the maker actually suffered from this skin condition himself. I read like a thousand reviews because it was a pricey product and I wanted to be sure. But with 416 reviews on this product and having 5 stars, I at this point would do and try anything. So I decided to purchase it. I could not be more happy with my decision. My rash has pretty much cleared up and near enough gone on my neck, chest and under boob area. Which was the most concerning areas for me as coming up to summer I couldn’t wear vests etc. My back still has the white spots but it is working and clearing up. So in no time I hope to be free of this skin condition for a while…fingers crossed. I just had to share my findings as I know what it feels like and how insecure and down you can get with things like this. So if this has helped me, it might help you.

I’m Back.

Looking back on my blog.. its been 4 years. Reading through all the posts I did was actually upsetting. Most were just about how unhappy and alone I felt. It’s mad to read through them and think that was another lifetime and even person and it’s also sad to think I was that unhappy. I ended up deleting them posts as its just depressing for anyone to read and I don’t feel like that was me.

But now moving back to the present, I’m not just a depressed, unhappy girl. I am actually happy in most aspects of my life. Love my family and friends even though I wish I could fit in seeing them more. Nothing worse when life happens and you can’t see people as much as you would like. But this year I have made a promise to try and see everyone more. I am that guilty person that only texts people who text me because I just don’t think but I need to stop being such a lazy shit friend. I Love my boyfriend of nearly 4 years, we are currently saving for our own home, so hopefully in the next year we have enough to start the looking process. I’m 26 now so I’m more than ready. Hard not having the luxuries like holidays but in the end it will be worth it. Then we come to the only aspect of my life that I’m unhappy with. Funnily enough I did mention a load of times in my depressing blogs *covers eyes* but my job. I wish I knew what I wanted to do. I have been researching into HR so I think I’m going to enrol in August to start Sept. Just got to think about the money and see if I can afford it right now.

We will see, only time will tell.

Good to be back.

In need of a christmas dress?


Selling a beautiful dress ideal for the christmas season.

Its a shame it doesnt fit me as I love it and it shows curves in all the right places.

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Some people

It amazes me at how some people are. They back stab, betray, hurt others. I can not justify in my head why they are like that to good people, jealously? Even so that is no excuse to treat people badly. We all go through our own personal stuff in life, all how our own fears and mountains to climb. So we should all understand each other in some way right?

yeah that’s what right but doesn’t happen. People are so wrapped up in themselves they don’t care who they damage and hurt along the way. Them people disgust me!